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to Newberry and Winnsboro

  • Lamb - Frozen by the cut or 1/2 or Whole
  • Barbados Blackbelly Breeding Stock
  • Mangalitsa Pork
  • Mangalitsa Breeding Stock
  • Yorkshire/Berkshire/Tamworth Pork Frozen by the cut
  • 1/2 or Whole Pigs
  • Pasture-raised Chicken (Whole/Frozen)
  • Eggs from very happy chickens
  • Beef is here!!! And, boy is it tasty!

We have a number of yearling Rams available.

Our lambing season has already begun.  Check the 'Our Flock' link for updates and baby pictures!

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The Sheep

Gypsy Wind Farms

  • Vermont Cheese from Happy Cow Creamery
  • Happy Cow Butter, Salted and Unsalted      
  • Indah Coffee - Roasted right down the street in Columbia, SC.
  • Congaree Milling Company's Grits and Meals
  • Hannah Hands Farm Rabbit
  • Artwork by Malinda Kilcoyne Smith
  • Hand-crafted items from Brad and local artisans

3005 Buckhead Road

Blair, SC 29015

Our Flock

Descendants of crosses of African hair sheep, the exotic-looking and highly adaptable Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep evolved on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

                      at Gypsy Wind Farms

These are links and articles we'd like to share.

This is a Work In Progess.

Barbados Blackbelly sheep's ability to adapt and high reproductive efficiency make them the perfect candidate for homesteading. Their hardiness allows them to easily be raised naturally.

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