Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

                      at Gypsy Wind Farms

Fresh Eggs and Duck Eggs, too!

We have a mixed flock of very happy, healthy hens and Muscovy Ducks.  They are free-range and spend their days foraging through the pastures and woods.  They are laying lovely large eggs.  For large quantities, please call ahead. 

Beef - Grass/Grain finished

We are quite proud of our beef; it turned out to be tender, lean and very flavorful!  The ground beef is incredible; the steaks are oh, so good!  The steak cuts - Bone-in Ribeye, Sirloin, NY Strip and Filet Mignon.  Roasts and other - chuck roasts, stew beef, ground beef and liver.  I am sure I'm forgetting something...give us a call and ask!

Pork - Naturally Raised

Our Mangalitsa-Duroc crosses are raised in wooded lots with plenty of natural forage.  No medicated feeds, no chemicals or hormones; just good, wholesome pork.   Our crosses have the same flavorful red, marbled meat as the Purebred Mangalitsa but without the large fat cap giving a moist, tender pork and a higher meat to fat ratio.

1/2 or Whole Pigs

Save money and stock the freezer! Call for availability 

Mangalitsa Pork

Being a 'lard type' pig, Mangalitsa meat has more unsaturated fat than “meat-type pigs" making it exceptionally  juicy, tender, and marbled.  Chefs don’t need to dress up the meat’s flavor with excess salt or spices. 

Limited Availability - Call for cuts!
Barbados Blackbelly Lamb

This is not your ORDINARY lamb...

We just stocked up the freezer with about 100 lbs of lamb.  We have larger cuts - because you asked for them! Leg of Lamb, Rib Roasts, Chops, etc.  If you are interested in one of the large cuts, please call ahead and let us know.  It goes very quickly!

Sheep on the Hoof

Call for availability and pricing.  Expect about 45 lbs of meat.

Snappy Asparagus

Our asparagus is not quite ready...will keep you updated!

Our Products

Chicken - Pastured/Non-GMO

Our  Cornish Cross chicken is naturally raised, no medicated feeds, no hormones and no antibiotics eating grass, bugs and a high-quality non-GMO feed.  We process our chickens here on the farm to ensure our customers get a superior product.  Our whole chickens range between 4-7 lbs.  The flavor is incredible and our chickens seem to get BIGGER when you cook them!

Coming in 2018 - We are excited to be able to offer Dorking, a heritage breed chicken, that is so delicious that the Romans touted it for being a superior tasting meat as far back as in Julius Caesar's day! 

Jerusalem Artichoke/Sunchoke

Coming soon!

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